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Temporary Staffing or Worker Dispatching or Contingent Staffing, is a way to find workers for short-term jobs.

Talented individuals with the right skills and expertise are crucial to the success and expansion of any organisation. Temporary Staffing is one of the primary workforce solutions providing the talent you need for various objectives and scenarios, such as filling unexpected vacancies or increasing staff to handle heavy workloads during busy periods. As a result, it can improve operations by making them more efficient or cutting expenses. NIKPL provides temporary and permanent staffing services to companies in Japan and India.We've maintained our position as the industry leader thanks to our dedication to reliability, an extensive network of offices nationwide, high standards for our resources and matching algorithms, and a focus on ethical and legal compliance. When you have a temporary staffing need, we can provide you with the skilled workers you require.
Japan's industrial sector produces various goods, from steel and paper to cutting-edge technology. The country dominates globally when it comes to autos, robots, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and alternative energy sources. Japanese businesses in these industries are under increasing pressure to modernise their goods and processes with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), big data (Big Data), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Japanese firms are keen to hire Indian talents.

India has a sizable number of highly qualified workers, including but not limited to engineers. Japanese businesses emphasise their growth attitude, competitive drive, and negotiation ability. Professionals from India have a good chance of succeeding in Japanese organisations because of their proficiency in English and ability to adjust to the local culture quickly.

Benefits of Introductory Dispatching

Banking & Capital

Spend Less on New Employees

Our trial dispatching service helps you save money on new hires by allowing you to try out drivers before committing to them permanently. You can evaluate the candidate's qualifications and determine if they fit the position and your company.

Facilitate the Hiring Procedure

Our basic placement service covers hiring, from advertising to interviews to offering placements. As a result, you'll be able to devote more energy and resources to running your firm.

Modularity and Extensibility

Our basic dispatching solution can be modified to fit your company's evolving requirements. Depending on your company's needs, you can change the number of dispatchers to achieve optimum efficiency.


Temporary workers can help you save money while meeting your short-term staffing needs. Only those hours the worker puts in the effort should be compensated for. On the other hand, hiring an employee means spending money on their salary in addition to federal and state unemployment taxes, workers' compensation insurance, employee benefits, training expenses, and possible commissions.

For all of your temporary staffing requirements, NIKPL has you covered. Get in touch with us if you need a tailor-made answer.

  • Consultation and Price EstimatingFor your temporary staffing need, we provide free advice and pricing.
  • Examining OneselfOnly the most qualified applicants make it through our careful personal screening.
  • Advice & Introductory RemarksWe introduce you to potential individuals and offer suggestions for your open positions.
  • CommencementWe start getting the new hire started and ensuring everything goes swimmingly once they've been chosen.

Governmental Initiatives by J-Next, a Japanese partner of NIKPL, and our success stories

Here are a few portions of implementation (out of a possible 26):
  • Managing paperwork for programmes that disperse one-off payments to disadvantaged residents of Machida and Sayama.
  • Vaccination against newly discovered coronaviruses: a toll-free telephone information service (Hitachi, Japan).
  • New coronavirus vaccination centres in Chiba and Shizuoka have opened.
  • Data collection, auditing, and storage for local and prefectural tax levies (Gifu City).
  • Labourer scheduling assistance for collecting the first instalment of the resident tax (Tajimi City).
  • Outsourcing services for managing fixed benefits and other areas (Mizunami City).
  • Yokkaichi Census Worker Dispatch Services

Why Choose NIKPL?

We're aware that you have a lot of options when it comes to finding a staffing agency. Why should you work with NIKPL to find and hire new employees? Take a look at the following list of benefits that make NIKPL the clear pick:

People Are Crucial, and We Get That

As business owners and operators, we know that the people you hire are the most important investment you can make and that hiring poorly can be the difference between success and failure. We have access to the most qualified candidates because of our thorough and meticulous screening procedures, and our seasoned recruiters will always find the best possible match for your open positions.

Complete Care with a Sense of Community

NIKPL is large enough to handle all your human resource recruitment requirements yet small enough to treat you like you're our only client. You won't find a better hiring and recruiting firm to work with than us since we focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Provided Right When You Need It

Our comprehensive screening procedure and cutting-edge candidate management system allow us to swiftly locate the best applicants for your available positions, despite amassing one of the market's largest candidate databases. Call NIKPL now if you urgently need personnel; we will find you the best possible fit.

Our Confidence in Placing You

Our placements are 100% guaranteed! Call us if you're unhappy with the workers we send your way, and we'll find you someone else swiftly and at no extra charge.

You Can Trust Our Staffing Services

We have extensive experience in hiring and Staffing. Ask any human resources manager, and they will tell you that finding and recruiting the appropriate individual is crucial to the success of any company. You can trust that we will find the ideal applicant for your available position by utilising our extensive knowledge, experience, and resources.

Always Up-to-Date

The laws and regulations governing hiring are always changing, but you won't have to worry about keeping up with the latest developments since we do. As employment and recruitment specialists, please benefit from our extensive expertise.

Examples of Nichi in Kakehashi's staffing services

staffing services

(i) Quality improvement through the use of stable personnel dispatch to call centres

  • SubjectThe company manufactures and sells electronic equipment to the financial sector. The company, which operates a 24/7 call centre, was particularly struggling to recruit during the evening and late night hours.
  • solution Nichi in Kakehashi, which has a call centre agency as a group company, shared its know-how on night-time recruitment and training. As a result, the company has achieved stable and continuous recruitment and continues to utilise J Next. In addition, the company places particular emphasis on employee satisfaction, and as it expands its business in the future, regular meetings are held to ensure that both parties can provide a better working environment for the temporary employees who work for the company, with the aim of achieving a high level of satisfaction in the workplace.

(ii) Short-time staffing is used to 'reduce costs' and 'improve productivity'.

  • SubjectThe company provides outsourcing services to financial institutions. A major domestic life insurer entrusts us with the work associated with its applications for insurance policy subscriptions, and we consult with them on how to utilise human resources to 'reduce costs' and 'improve productivity'.
  • solution Nichi in Kakehashi proposed the use of housewives seeking shorter working hours, and approximately 20 people started working. No social insurance costs were incurred and costs were reduced by approximately 10%. Housewives who prioritised work-life balance had a good retention rate and an inadequacy rate of less than 1%, which also led to increased productivity.
staffing services

Benefits of temporary staffing


What Client Saying

When you think about professionalism, quality, and dedication, you think of NIKPL. Whenever my company has an issue, NIKPL has always responded quickly and fixed the problem. I know they will get in touch with me if there's a problem. In a nutshell, they always act like they want to improve the situation for everyone.

Mr Sandeep Challa

For years, I've relied on NIKPL whenever I needed temporary workers; they've always come through for me. Everyone I've dealt with at NIKPL has been helpful, kind, and willing to meet my needs

Sateesh Vasu

Nichi in Kakehashi Temporary Staffing List of achievements

It is a staffing agency that can meet the needs of a wide variety of sectors.

Office work

General clerical work, sales clerical work, accounting clerical work, general administration clerical work, OA clerical work, Financial administration, trade administration, secretarial, IT administration, etc

Call centres.

Reception and information on products and services, surveys and Bank customer support, etc.

Sales, counter service and sales

Rounder, car dealership reception, ticket sales,. Tasting sales and events, test supervision, etc

Work system

Warehouse work, line work (assembly and assembly), inspection, packing and Lifting operations, event management assistance, etc

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